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Starting from July 07, 2012, “Aeroport Handling” provides both to the airlines and to the passengers the new service – Sale of air tickets. Our stuff has passed with success the Amadeus, Sirena- Travel and Galileo reservation system training courses in the international training centers. Now we are able to offer information and make reservations of air tickets (e-ticket) for any international flight as well as flights to and from Moldova.

We collaborate with the following airline companies: Air Moldova, Wizz Air, Aeroflot, FlyOne, LOT Polish Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Tarom, Sibiri Airlines, Lufthansa , Austrian Airlines, AtlasGlobal, Tandem Aero, etc.

The connection with different Global Distribution Systems of air tickets allows us to offer our clients the best deals in flight bookings (e-ticket). We can find cheap flights to and from Chi?inau or book cheap international air tickets in some minutes.

You can find us in Chi?inau International Airport, departure Hall.
Happy to serve you nonstop, every day, whole year (24/ 7 /365).

Our contacts: ; +373 22 811 505; +373 78 880 821.

Creating satisfied and happy travelers is our motto!

If your baggage is lost or damaged, please contact our lost and found agents in order to start looking for your lost luggage before leaving the arrivals area.

It will be required to fill out a form with information about your luggage.

The main document which confirms that you have baggage is the baggage tag. It will be presented to the agent  to search the luggage. The agent will answer all your questions and will organize the process for a quick and professional search and will prepare all  the documents needed for that.
The search is carried out using World Tracer Management, SITA programs.

Delivery of your baggage at the airport Chisinau can last starting from a day till the day of the next flight. To facilitate the search of your luggage, it is necessary to attach extra baggage tag with your name, address and phone number with country code (if applicable). Searching for lost baggage since the start of the passenger receipt and is within the time allotted by the carrier.

If after this time the baggage is not found or is found but is damaged, the decision on material compensation and its size is taken in each case by the carrier.

Contact us now:   +373 22 525 508; +373 78 880 850

Transportation of manicure/pedicure sets are banned to be carried in your hand luggage. The liquids must be transported in individual containers with maximum capacity of 100 milliliters each, and must be packed in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, and its maximum quantity may not exceed 1,000 ml (1 liter) per person. Air companies do not offer such plastic bags, so, each passenger must ensure that has one when comes to check-in.

 Individuals wanting to take out of the country banknotes, coins, travel cheques etc. are recommended to enter the website: www.customs.gov.md for the supplementary information.

 Special Services
 Earnest request to inform the airline-carrier about unaccompanied minors and passengers demanding special service (deaf, blind, senior citizens or any other passengers needing guidance due to lack of foreign language knowledge) during the reservation or buying air tickets.
For the supplementary information please contact your air-carrier.

We advice you to declare your pet or any other products of animal origin to the airline-carrier, while marking your reservation or ticket purchasing. The Veterinary Control in the Airport is carried by the Border Veterinary Inspection Post, within the Sanitary – Veterinary Agency.

For the supplementary information please contact your air-carrier.
It is highly recommended to contact in advance the Airport Border Veterinary Inspection Post in order to prevent any incommodities. Phone number: (+373 22)52-54-89

Boarding the Aircraft
After passport and security control, you should proceed to your departure gate.
We recommend you to read carefully the boarding time indicated in your boarding pass.
Boarding is not possible without a boarding pass.
If you fail to arrive at the boarding gate on time, you will miss your flight. Aerport Handling company is not liable for any loss or expenses incurred by your late arrival at the boarding gate.
Please note that the information about departure time and gate number is displayed on the screen in the airport as well.

In a world where globalization became a well known and important  word, Aeroport Handling company, being involved in an opening activity, pays a great attention to the cooperation with many airline companies from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad. An eloquent proof is the cooperation with Air Moldova, Austrian Airlines, Siberian Airlines, Meridiana, Tarom, Tandem Aero companies. The entire value of our activity doesn’t consist in What we do, but in How we do our job.

Aeroport Handling company is going through a continuous modernization period because our personnel is well-trained, qualified and agreeable, our prime objectives being to provide  Safety on the ground, Punctuality of the operation and Comfort for the clients.

Our team looks towards the future with confidence because the evolution so far offers us all the prerequisites of a growing performance.

Check-in time is the timeframe established by air companies when the passengers must complete check-n formalities. Check-in deadlines vary within a range of two hours before boarding time.
Check-n opens 120 minutes before scheduled departure for international flights.
Check-in closes 40-45 minutes before scheduled departure for international flights.
If you fail to arrive at check-in in due time, you will miss your flight. Aeroport Handling is not liable for any loss or expenses incurred by your late arrival at check-in.
At the check-in counter, you will be asked to present your ticket or itinerary receipt and your travel documents (passport, visa, certificates, letters of invitation etc. if applicable).
Attention! It is your responsibility to ensure that all the necessary travel documents
are in order.
For the supplementary information visit the website www.border.gov.md and www.airmoldova.md (Profiling Service).
Note the restrictions on weight, size and contents of your baggage. For more details, please contact the air career. (links…)
Some items can not be transported either as hand luggage or checked baggage, or you can carry them under certain conditions. These prohibited items, known as dangerous goods, may cause risk to health, safety, and property. Checked baggage may not contain the following items:
• Fragile items
• Valuable items
• Perishable items
• Dangerous goods
For the supplementary information about restrictions on hand and checked baggage please contact your air-career. (links)